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November 1, 2017

Omaha, NE – What’s a Warple?

Warple Inc. is an Omaha-based technology startup providing live, real-time, always current views of what people think. Warple is also a product, which gives everyone a voice and provides a way to see how their opinion compares to the collective public opinion.

Mayor Jean Stothert will partner with Warple to provide another opportunity for community engagement to measure opinion on issues of current public interest.

The first five-part Warple is now on the Mayor’s website, https://mayors-office.cityofomaha.org, Facebook.com/jean.stothert and Twitter @jean_stothert. It measures support for current and future solid waste collection.

  • I support Oma-Gro composting
  • I would recycle more with a covered container
  • I know about and/or use the recycle drop-off locations
  • I am satisfied with the services provided by Omaha’s solid waste contractor
  • I would like yard waste collected separately from trash/solid waste

“This is a topic that affects everyone,” said Mayor Jean Stothert. “We have been gathering public opinion for more than a year through telephone surveys, a pilot program, open houses, and the Mayor’s Hotline. Warple is one more way citizens can provide feedback on this important topic.”

The city is currently developing a Request for Bids (RFB) for the next solid waste contract. The current contract with Waste Management expires in 2020.

"Warple measures public opinion today and monitors changes over time. We can reach large audiences quickly and provide valuable information to Mayor Stothert and her team," said Warple Founder and CEO Jeff Cahill. "We all want our opinions to matter. Warple makes it easy to get involved in decisions that affect our city."

About Warple, Inc. - Founded in Omaha, NE in 2016 Warple, Inc. (www.warple.com) is a private company committed to providing new ways to engage communities and bring big data analytics to the individual. Warple's technology is effortlessly embedded into existing platforms and websites to engage the community where they are. Warple is committed to social change & empowerment through the democratization of information. Warple is disrupting the polling and survey industry by providing live, real-time, always current views of what people think - at a fraction of traditional costs.

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