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Mayor Jean Stothert | City of Omaha

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Mayor's Hotline


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Mayor's HotlineMayor's HotlineMayor's Hotline

In 2018, we created 38,793 requests for services based on your concerns and answered more than 16,000 calls and emails from citizens.  Every month, we will post the Hotline Report on this page.  


One of my primary goals is to improve the taxpayer experience.  I want every taxpayer who interacts with the City government to have a positive experience.

The City Charter requires the City to operate a “complaint line”.  We call it “The Mayor’s Hotline”. The hotline staff fields reports on abandoned vehicles, potholes, graffiti, code violations, neighborhood speeding complaints, and many other citizen concerns. They are great problem solvers and can also answer questions and make referrals to other agencies if your problem needs to be redirected. For example, the Hotline has established contacts with OPPD, MUD, The Nebraska Humane Society, the Nebraska Department of Roads and Douglas County to provide service to Omaha residents.

Here are a few e-mails we have received from satisfied constituents:

"Oh my gosh!!! I really do not have the words to thank the City and your help for what I just found when I got home.  I just returned from my volunteer work and there is not a weed in site, and they removed the huge mulberry tree that was growing into the lovely pine trees.  I am so thankful for help in getting this done. I did not think it would ever happen."


"Last month, I spoke with a street worker who was repairing potholes in front of my house, I approached him about a thirty foot stretch of street that had caved in. I asked him who I should speak to try and get it fixed. He said he would talk to his supervisor.  He did and it was fixed in two days! Wow. Two nights ago, we saw a suspicious car parked outside of our house at 12:30 am.  We called 911.  The police were there within eight minutes and took care of the situation. These types of situations probably happen all the time, without thanks.  Some of us complain and take for granted the services that we receive.  Although, our city has its challenges, I feel very lucky and safe living in Omaha, Nebraska.  Thank you for what you do!"


“Thank you for your wonderful customer service. On February 23rd, I reported several potholes in the street at the end of my driveway. On February 25th, I received a postcard from the Hotline staff that the report had been submitted to Street Maintenance. On March 1st, they were cleaned out and filled in. Ideally, this is how a city is supposed to work. Thank you for making it a reality in Omaha.”


“I have submitted 3 different requests. I have been blown away by the responsiveness and diligence the city has by completing each of my requests. Thank you, Thank you." 

The hotline staff files reports, submit requests for service, and can check the status of your report. All you have to do is call one number - 402-444-5555.

In 2018, the Hotline staff created 38,793 service requests, ranging from complaints about abandoned vehicles on city streets, housing code violations, illegal dumping and littering, graffiti, and potholes.   

Quality of life is important to our citizens; the hotline staff strives to make dealing with City government a positive experience for everyone.

The Mayor's Hotline is open Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm.


Hotline Reports:






Yearly Reports

2018 Hotline Report

2017 Hotline Report