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(November 12, 2019)

"The arbitrator charged with deciding the appropriateness of Fire Chief Dan Olsen's termination of Steve Leclair has concluded that Mr. Leclair should be reinstated.

Chief Olsen and I vehemently disagree with her decision. I support Chief Olsen's decision not to allow this atrocious behavior from an employee sworn to protect the public.

The only true victim in this case - the African American woman who was sexually propositioned, racially insulted by LeClair stating "white power" to her, and then physically assaulted by him  has in our opinion, been victimized again. Racial and physical abuse by city employees will not be tolerated. This type of violent conduct against women will always be dealt with in the same manner, with severe consequences. As long as I am mayor, men who  work for the taxpayers and conduct themselves in this offensive and unacceptable way will face consequences.  Our community standard should be no less.

This case is about just one issue - should a city employee who was found guilty by a judge, who made the following admissions, continue his employment with the City: 

Admitted to the assault·      

Admitted to violating the union contract’s prohibition against conduct “unbecoming” of a firefighter

Admitted to insubordination when disregarding the fire chief’s orders

Admitted violating the public’s trust 

Admitted to using the phrase “White Power” immediately before assaulting the victim

The men who came to Mr. LeClair’s defense is disturbing to me and should be to all women.  This case is not about Mr. LeClair's historical conduct. Physical and sexual abuse will only end when men hold each other accountable.  There is only one victim in this case and it is not Steve LeClair.

Until this time, we have chosen not to release the video surveillance that captures Mr. Leclair's bar room behavior.  The public can decide if this type of misconduct should be tolerated.

The City is now reviewing its legal options including reversal or vacation of the order." -Mayor Jean Stothert