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(July 31, 2019)

Two companies submitted bids Wednesday for seasonal yard waste collection with costs ranging from $1 million to $12 million annually.

FCC Environmental and West Central Sanitation responded to the Request for Bids (RFB).  Both companies also bid on the solid waste collection contract which will take effect in January 2021.

Mayor Jean Stothert and Public Works Director Bob Stubbe have recommended awarding the 2021 contract to FCC to provide a two-cart collection service; one cart for solid waste and yard waste combined and a second cart for recycling. Responding to questions and concerns about limits on yard waste, Mayor Stothert directed the Public Works Department to develop the RFB as a value added service to the two-cart collection service.

“This option provides unlimited, free yard waste collection at the times of year citizens need it,” said Mayor Stothert.

The RFB required companies to bid on weekly, curbside collection of yard weekly waste on regular pickup days during peak periods in the spring and fall, and for three quantities of yard waste: 10 bags, 20 bags and unlimited.

Bids received:

                                            FCC ENVIRONMENTAL                  WEST CENTRAL SANITATION:

10 bags weekly                 $1,044,000                                          $12,006,000

20 bags weekly                 $1,314,000                                          $12,384,000

Unlimited                           $1,494,000                                          $12,744,000

Companies could also submit alternative bids; FCC submitted three alternatives, West Central submitted one. Public Works will evaluate the bids and alternatives and present the findings to Mayor Stothert.

The Omaha City Council will hold a public hearing on the solid waste contract on August 13th and is scheduled to vote on the award of that contract on August 20th.  

The award of this seasonal yard waste contract is dependent on the outcome of the award of that contract.