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Mayor Jean Stothert | City of Omaha

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 (July 9, 2019)

Mayor Jean Stothert will hold a series of Town Hall meetings this month to gather input to develop the city’s first long-term road maintenance and rehabilitation plan.

”These public meetings will give citizens the opportunity to participate in the development of a maintenance and improvement plan that will greatly improve the safety and longevity of our streets and reduce annual maintenance costs,” said Mayor Stothert.

The Town Hall series, “A Road Map to Better Streets” will provide an overview of infrastructure needs, repair and maintenance, major construction projects, and current and future funding options. 

“Street repair and resurfacing has been one of our top priorities since I was elected in 2013. Each year we have increased the street maintenance budget, but we need to do much more,” said Mayor Stothert. “Citizen input and buy-in will be an important part of our planning process.”

City budgets for the last 10 years show the annual budget increases in road resurfacing:

2010: $2.8 million                                          2015:  $7.3 million

2011: $3.9 million                                          2016: $8.7 million

2012: $5.6 million                                          2017: $10.7 million

2013: $6.6 million                                          2018:   $11.7 million

2014: $6.9 million                                          2019:   $12.2 million

Mayor Stothert’s 2020 budget, to be introduced to the City Council on July 23, will include another increase in the resurfacing budget. In addition, the 2019-2024 Capital Improvement Plan includes approximately $320 million over the next 6 years for transportation projects, $66 million in 2019. The CIP lists capital projects that are funded with bonds.


Tuesday July 16                4:30-6:00pm          Saddlebrook Community Center         14850 Laurel Ave

Thursday July 18              5:00-6:30pm          The Venue at Highlander 75 North     2112 N. 30th Street

Friday July 19                   11:00am-12:30      The Salvation Army Kroc Center          2825 Y Street

Monday July 22                6:30-8:00pm          The Barbara Weitz Community Engagement Center     6400 University Drive   (UNO Campus)

Since taking office in 2013, Mayor Stothert has held 42 Town Hall meetings, seven each year in September and October.  A Fall Town Hall series schedule will be announced in September.