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(April 17, 2017)

This is the final week of the Waste Management pilot program testing automated solid waste and recyclable collections.

The pilot started in November 2016 and included 2,500 residential customers.  Homeowners in the pilot neighborhoods should put both carts out on the regular collection day; the carts will be picked up the same day.

At the conclusion of the pilot, all customers will return to using 32-gallon cans for trash, green bins for recycling and 40-gallon brown paper yard bags or 32-gallon cans for yard waste.  Yard waste and garbage must be separated.

This summer, a series of public meetings will be scheduled to solicit input to continue preparations for the city’s next solid waste contract.

Also this week, Waste Management will collect yard waste separately in some Omaha neighborhoods. The gradual return of separate collections will continue as Waste Management prepares for citywide separate yard waste collections in May.

“I expect Waste Management to provide separate yard waste collections this year and the company is gearing up to do that,” said Mayor Jean Stothert.  “Our current contract with Waste Management allows for unlimited yard waste at every home. Our goal is to complete daily collections on time, regardless of volume especially in the spring and early summer.” 

For the last two summers, Mayor Stothert allowed Waste Management to co-collect yard waste and trash to prevent lengthy collection delays that resulted in complaints from homeowners.  Like many companies, Waste Management has experienced a shortage of CDL-licensed drivers.

Residents who experience missed collections of trash, yard waste or recyclables can contact the Mayor’s Hotline at 402-444—5555 or the Solid Waste Helpline, 402-444-5238 after 7:00 p.m.  

*see wasteline.org for more information about preparing yard waste for curbside collection