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No more "dodging" the traffic cones on Dodge Street. The barricades will be removed Sunday, October 13th and all lanes of Dodge from 52nd Street to Turner Boulevard will be ready for Monday morning traffic.

The resurfacing project started September 16 and was expected to take up to eight weeks to complete.  The contractor, Swain Construction, was able to speed up the job using more equipment and personnel and there were no significant weather delays. The contractor did not have any financial incentives to complete the work early.

The Dodge Street project was one of 10 projects funded with $6.4 million dollars from the State of Nebraska.  The state funds must be spent on state highways that run through the city.

“The state money allowed us to improve one of the city’s busiest streets without using money in the city’s street repair budget,” said Mayor Jean Stothert. “Now we can spend city funds on our neighborhood streets and begin to catch up on decades of neglect.”

The state-funded projects are:

Dodge Street, 52nd St east to Turner Blvd

Douglas Street, 9th to 24th

Maple St, 90th to 102nd

Cuming 30th to 46th

30th Street, Fort to Whitmore   

McKinley Street, 30th to 48th

84th Street, Q to Harrison

Industrial Road, (eastbound) 151st to 144th

L  Street, (eastbound) 131st to 126th)

L Street, 33rdSt to Dahlman

Three projects are still underway: 30th Street Fort to Whitmore, McKinley Road 48th to 30th and Cuming 27th to 46th.  Construction engineers expect the remaining work to be completed by mid-November, weather permitting.