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Mayor Jean Stothert | City of Omaha

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To allow for an opportunity for currently serving and veterans of military service and their families to provide input to the Mayor and City leadership and officials about issues impacting them and to encourage consideration of them in public decision making. 



It is the policy of the City of Omaha to seek stakeholder input as to policies and services that support currently serving military and veterans and their families. To that end, this Military Service Advisory Committee is commissioned by the Mayor to solicit and provide community input and recommendations to the Mayor and City leadership as to matters impacting military service. 


Selection and Term of Commission Members: 

The Committee will consist of members appointed by the Mayor. The Committee may make recommendations to the Mayor as to additional members to the Committee who represent broad segments of the community with expertise and/or interest in military veterans. The Committee shall elect a chair, vice chair, and secretary. The Committee shall meet at least quarterly and shall maintain minutes of its meetings to be posted on the City website. The Committee shall establish such bylaws, rules, procedures, terms, offices, and reporting as are necessary for the Committee to serve the function identified. 



Bill Williams

Yvonne Williams

Ben Wormington

Stacy Jo Dufault

Tyson Compton

Dwight Lydic

Sharon Robino-West

George Merithew

Steve Novotny

Josephine Reed



The Mayor's Office will have responsibility for oversight and support of this Committee.