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Mayor Jean Stothert | City of Omaha

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To allow for an opportunity for the group commonly referred to as young professionals or millennials (born from 1981 to 2000) to provide input to the Mayor and City leadership and officials about issues impacting the next generation of Omaha's citizens, leaders, and families and to encourage consideration of their viewpoint in public decision making. 



It is the policy of the City of Omaha to seek stakeholder input as to policies, services, and issues that impact and are important to the millennial generation who will be the future of our City. To that end, this Millennial Advisory Committee is commissioned by the Mayor to provide community input and recommendations to the Mayor and City leadership as to matters impacting young professionals, young families, and/or millennials.


Selection and Term of Commission Members:

The Committee will consist of members appointed by the Mayor. The Committee may make recommendations to the Mayor as to additional members to the Committee who represent broad segments of the community representing young professionals, young families, and/or millennials. The Committee shall elect a chair, vice chair, and secretary. The Committee shall meet at least quarterly and shall maintain minutes of its meetings to be posted on the City website. The Committee shall establish such bylaws, rules, procedures, terms, offices, and reporting as are necessary for the Committee to serve the function identified.



Luke Hoffman,  Chair

Andrew Prystai, Vice-Chair

Sabastian Hunt, Community Affairs

Mickey Manley, Communications

Eric Gustafson

Sarah Wellman

Matt Ewin

Lindsey Spehn

Alyssa Anglin

Noah McClain

Itzel Lopez

Luper V. Akough

Erik Servellon

Jorge E. Sotolongo

Ty O'Neal

Andrew Conzett

Keith Fix

Julie Faller 

Sheena Helgenberger


Contact the committee:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The Mayor's Office will have responsibility for oversight and support of this committee.


Mayor’s Millennial Advisory Committee, January 31, 2018  3:30pm

Carrie Murphy reviewed the requirements of the Executive Order, including selection of officers, terms of appointed members and bylaws.

By secret ballot, Luke Hoffman was elected Chair. Andrew Prystai was elected Vice-Chair. 

The group also created two other leadership positions, Community Affairs and Communications. Sabastian Hunt will lead Community Affairs and Mickey Manley will handle Communications.

For now, Carrie Murphy will keep minutes, distribute to members and post on the City website as required by the Executive Order.

The members created Bylaws, using a template provided by the City Law Department. (See attached. These bylaws need to be approved at next meeting)

The Executive Order requires terms for members.  Other boards have terms of 1-2-3 years. (This is necessary so all terms do not expire at the same time) Members with one-year terms will automatically be reappointed after one year if they wish to be reappointed.  All members are eligible for reappointment.  Initial terms are determined by alphabetical order, using last names.   So, the terms are as follows:

One-year term:                                               Three-year term:

Alyssa Anglin                                                  Andrew Prystai

Mikaela Borecky                                             Lindsey Spehn

Matt Ewin                                                        Eric Velander

Eric Gustafson                                                Sarah Wellman


Two-year term:

Luke Hoffman

Sabastian Hunt

Mickey Manley

Noah McClain

We also discussed adding more members.  Mayor’s Office has received inquiries from several people interested in appointments.  Carrie will bring their applications and resumes to the next meeting.


Chief Innovation Officer for City of Omaha.

  • Work with Mayor to develop a job description
  • Position would find cost-savings ideas for city
  • How would this position be funded?
  • Could a public-private partnership pay for the position?

Downtown grocery store, also Walgreens

Can members of the Millennial Advisory Board be represented on boards, committees, etc to represent the Millennial voice?

Carrie suggested all interested look at the Boards and Commissions page of the Mayor’s website for current and upcoming board openings.  We consider all applicants and have recently appointed or reappointed millennials to boards including the Library Board of Trustees, Planning Board, Metro Transit, Human Rights and Relations. Most of these boards are required by City Charter or state law, many have specific professional requirements, all have residency requirements.

Carrie will also discuss the possibility of adding a committee member to the Smart City working group (Committee is chaired by Mayor Stothert and Werner CEO Derek Leathers; facilitated by Smart Cities Lab and Kiewit Foundation)


  • Could Visit Omaha site host a page for events, info of interest for millennials
  • Carrie explained may host a similar website for the Military Service Advisory Group. This is being discussed now, OWH would require advertising to be sold on the site.  Maybe OWH would host two sites

Next meeting:  March 5, 3:30pm


Mayor’s Millennial Advisory Committee, March 5, 2018  3:30pm  Agenda and Minutes

Discussion Items:

  1. Discussion and Selection of New Millennial Advisory Committee members
  2. Discussion and Selection of Committee’s “themes”
    1. Themes adopted from initial committee meetings.  Goal isn’t to limit all supported initiatives to the below, but to help focus our conversations and actions for 2018.
      1. Public Awareness and Support for Innovation: showcase existing innovative policies and encourage more!
      2. Transit/Travel: Eppley just had its best year ever, let's keep the momentum going and leverage that strength in this and other ways.
      3. Urban Core Development: enhance the Heart of Omaha by collaborating with partners like the Chamber, doing awesome community art projects, and more.
      4. Helping Millennials connect to Omaha: by instilling sense of civic duty and digital citizenship to boost participation in the community.
  1. Brainstorming potential solutions/initiatives that fit the supported themes
  1. Break into (roughly) even groups based on interest in each theme.
  2. Brainstorming exercise - March 5, 2019 Omaha World Herald headline. What is the headline we want written about our Committee and our work?
  3. Brainstorming exercise - building off this headline what is something the committee can do to create this headline in the categories of:
    1. i. “Easy Wins” - The Committee can execute independently
    2. ii. Partnerships - The Committee can execute in partnership with a city or county department
  • iii. Banner Wins: The Committee and City would need to partner with external entities
  1. iv. Initial list of ideas here:


Millennial Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

1:  New Members

Group will like to add members to expand representation from business sectors, and to provide overall diversity

Recommendation to encourage applications through the Mayors Facebook page  (Posed 3/6/18)

Discussion about questions for potential new members

Applications to be considered by the members, interview candidates, make a recommendation to Mayor Stothert

Discussion:  Meeting location. Suggestion to consider meeting rooms available at Omaha Public Library locations

2: Review and Discussion of Themes

Kevin Andersen-Deputy Chief of Staff for Economic Development and Development Services discussed development practices and processes including Planning Board and City Council public hearing processes on proposed developments.

Kevin offered opportunity to Advisory Board members to attend the Smart Cities conference in Kansas City March 26-28 in Kansas City.

3:  Easy Win Ideas:

Appoint a millennial representative to each board/commission  (List of vacancies through end of year is attached)

Create a “super-board”, chairs of all Advisory boards to work together, or a convening of all advisory boards created by Executive Order

Send representatives to Smart Cities conference

YP Week

News Release or OpEd on Advisory Committee

Partner with neighborhood associations

Provide opportunity for others to communicate with board (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. created and live)

Get involved with Prosper Omaha

Create a website for startups the City is already working with

Request to receive OneOmaha newsletter

Connect communities such as Midtown and Downtown with Christmas Lights

Have the BID (Business Improvement District) chairs work together

Urban Core Development Manager

Autonomous Vehicles

Create a Facebook group (done)