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Current Openings

Active Living Advisory Committee- Provide community input and recommendations to the City to create safe, accessible transportation and recreation options

Administrative Board of Appeals- Decide appeals on permits and licenses, notices revoked/inoperable vehicles, revoked/suspended tree removal licenses; denied curb cuts, and contractor performance disputes.

Air Conditioning & Air Distribution Board- Review and approve applications for Air Conditioning/Air Distribution licensing and continuing education of Master and Journeyman Installers. The board also certifies examination scores, addresses complaints and misuses against license holders.

Alarm Review Board- Review and rule on appeals submitted to the City for false alarm fees assessed to users. Review and rule on appeals submitted to the City for false alarm fees assessed to users.

Architects/Engineers Review & Selection Committee- Awards architectural, engineering, land surveying, and landscape architectural contracts.

Benson Business Improvement District Area Board-The Benson Improvement District is established for the purpose of providing specified activities, work and improvements in the Benson area of Omaha. 

Blackstone Business Improvement District- The Blackstone Business Improvement District is established for the purpose of making recommendations to the city council for establishment of a plan or plans for improvements in the business area.

Building Board of Review - The board rules on decisions against contractors and owners regarding building, installation, construction of devices/apparatus, recommends code changes, hears grievances on P&I Superintendents decision.

Citizen Complaint Review Board - This board, created by Executive Order in 2014, provides an independent review of citizen complaints against a sworn Omaha police officer.

City Naming Committee- Reviews and provides recommendations for the proposed naming or renaming of city property.

Downtown Business Improvement Area Board- Oversees the Omaha Downtown Improvement District Association and reviews and submits annual work plan budget to the Omaha City Council.

Dundee Business Improvement Area Board- Studies and advises on the needs of the area; recommends to the City what improvements are needed.

Electrical Examining Board- Conducts exams to determine applicant qualifications for Master Electrician's Certificate of Competency and Journeyman's Certificate of Competency

Hoisting & Portable Engineering Licensing - Conducts exams and issues Hoisting and Portable Engineer's Certificates.

Human Rights and Relations Board- To promote mutual understanding and respect among various citizen groups through education, dissemination of materials, investigation and study of discriminatory complaints. Also to assist community groups in their efforts to eliminate prejudices and make recommendations of policies and procedures to the Mayor and Council.

Land Bank- The Land Bank was established to acquire delinquent properties and provide opportunity for redevelopment.

Landmarks Heritage Preservation Commission- Preserves and enhances structures, districts, and tourist attractions; promotes use, encourages private ownership and utilization of structures.

LGBTQ+ Advisory Board- To ensure that the community referred to as the "LGBTQ+ Community" (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and other sexual or gender identifying communities) is able to provide expert advice and input to the Mayor and City leadership/officials about issues affecting the community. With the formation of this Advisory Committee, the City of Omaha recognizes the valuable contributions this community brings and commits to making Omaha safe and affirming for all. 

Library Board Adopts by-laws of library for preservation; impose penalties for trespassing upon properties, damage to books and late returns.

Mayor's Advisory Commission for Citizens with Disabilities The commission is to counsel and advise the Mayor of concerns of citizens with disabilities and recommend to the Mayor policies to be implemented through municipal government that: affect the status of citizen's with disabilities, affect employment in municipal government of citizens with disabilities; affect accessibility to and from public buildings and infrastructures governed by municipal codes and ordinances.

Mayor's Millennial Advisory Committee- To allow for an opportunity for the group commonly referred to as young professionals or millennials (born from 1981 to 2000) to provide input to the Mayor and City leadership and officials about issues impacting the next generation of Omaha's citizens, leaders, and families and to encourage consideration of their viewpoint in public decision making.

Mayor's Youth Advisory Commission- To provide an opportunity for the youth of the City of Omaha to acquire a greater knowledge of an appreciation for the American political system through active participation. The Commission will also help the mayor hear the perspective of students by working directly with the representatives of the youth. 

Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority With respect to the Downtown Convention Center and Arena, the board is responsible for control over all aspects of project development, existing public facilities, empowered to assume management and control.

Native American Advisory Board

North 24th Street Business Improvement District Area Board

Oil Burner Board- Reviews applications and conducts exams for certificates of approval and competency.

Olde Elkhorn Business Improvement District- The Olde Elkhorn Business Improvement District is established for the purpose of providing specified activities, work and improvements in the old downtown and main street area of Elkhorn. 

Omaha Airport Authority- Administers the operation of facilities, promotes aviation services, manages Eppley and Carrier airport, passengers, cargo, and support facilities.

Omaha Civilian Pension Board- Administers the City's civilian retirement funds, which involves approving pensions and related retirement matters pursuant to the rules set forth in Chapter 22 of the Omaha Municipal Code and the relevant collective bargaining agreements.

Omaha Housing Authority Conducts business of the Omaha Housing Authority Board.

Parks & Recreation Board Advises on park and recreation sites, schedules improvements, recommends program budgets, and advises on sale and lease of real estate for recreational purposes.

Personnel Board- Advises on personnel matters, hears appeals on disciplinary actions, reviews exam schedules and lists, and hears grievances. 

Planning Board- Advises on matters concerning planning programs, reviews Master Plan, land subdivision and zoning ordinances and conducts hearings.

Plumbing Board Adopts rules for sanitary construction, alteration and inspection of lawn sprinkler systems, water conditioners, plumbing and sewage connections and drains; conducts plumber exams.

Police and Fire Pension Board- Administers the City's sworn retirement funds, which involves approving pensions and related retirement fund matters pursuant to the rules set forth in Chapter 22 of the Omaha Municipal Code and the relevant collective bargaining agreements.

Public Art Commission- Makes recommendations on artwork donated/acquired by the City (i.e. artistic merit, value of pieces). The board also acts as an advisory committee to other City boards in all matters regarding visual art and aesthetics.

Property Maintenance Appeals Board

Stationary Engineer Examiners Board- Prepare and conduct examinations.

Sign Examining Board The board creates, conducts and grades all examination for certificates of competency for sign erection. The board also has the authority to revoke the city license of any master or journeyman sign erector.

South Omaha Business Improvement District - The South Omaha Business Improvement District is established for the purpose of providing specified activities, work and improvements in the South Omaha area. 

Steamfitters/Pipefitters Examiners Board- Examine and certify master and journeyman steamfitters/pipefitters.

Transit Authority Board Adopts by laws and votes on matters affecting the Transit Authority. The Transit Authority owns and operates public transportation system excluding taxicabs and railroad system.

Urban Design Review Board Reviews plans for design, development, and/or modification of structures.

Vision Zero Omaha Task Force - A subcommittee of the Mayor's Active Living Advisory Committee 

Zoning Board of Appeals Modifies application of regulations and provisions of ordinances regarding use, construction, or alteration of buildings and structures, and land use. The board also renders decisions on administration errors.


To be considered for an appointment to a board or commission, complete the appointment form and submit with your resume or bio to Carrie Murphy.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

By mail: 1819 Farnam Street, Ste. 300, Omaha, NE 68183

Fax: 402-444-6059