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Purpose: To ensure that the community referred to as the "LGBTQ+ Community" (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and other sexual or gender identifying communities) is able to provide expert advice and input to the Mayor and City leadership/officials about issues affecting the community. With the formation of this Advisory Committee, the City of Omaha recognizes the valuable contributions this community brings and commits to making Omaha safe and affirming for all. 


Christina Arellano

Dawaune Hayes

Danielle Powell

Dominique Morgan

Eli Rigatuso

Ferial Pearson

JohnCarl Denkovich

Rachal Pender

Royal Carleton

Sam Carwyn

Ryan Fuller


Executive Order

Meeting Minutes January 25, 2018

Attending:  Chaplain Royal, Eli, Dawaune, Danielle, Ryan (by phone)
Lt. John Sokolik-OPD, Mike Gaughn -Omaha Public Works, Mayor Stothert, Carrie Murphy, Brandi Preston
We identified June 29-30, 2019 for the Heartland Pride parade and festival.  Lt. Sokolik said this weekend does not conflict with traffic unit duties at CWS. June 8 was ruled out-conflict with Lincoln Pride and the Omaha Summer Arts Festival.
Several potential routes were discussed.  (Mike works with OPD on parades and issues the permits).  Ryan will discuss with his board.  If the board agrees, the next step is to propose a route and apply for the permit. The permit application can be made as far in advance as possible.
Mayor provided an update on the potential donor.  We will ask the donor or a representative to attend an upcoming meeting to discuss.  We had several emails to the Mayor's Hotline after the Women's March asking about the center, and I responded with information about the advisory board and the potential for private funding.
We discussed meeting frequency.  Agreed to continue meeting monthly for now. The preferred date from the survey in November showed Thursday at 4:30 is the preferred date and time. Mayor Stothert will attend some, not all meetings.
**These are the dates for the next few months:
March 1    4:30
March 29  4:30
April 26    4:30
May 24     4:30
Also discussed an attendance policy and absences.  More discussion to follow. (As a comparison, the Mayor's Millennial Advisory Board voted last week to meet every other month and allow for two unexcused absences a year---excused absences will include illness, medical appointments, family leave and business travel.)
Mayor provided information on several projects
Omaha will introduce a jobs program this year for homeless persons, unemployed, or panhandlers.  It will be modeled after a successful program started in Albuquerque called "There's A Better Way".  Intent will be to offer jobs for a day, cash payment at the end of the day, free lunch, and offer for services if desired.  The city will fund the initial program with $50,000 in community service funds.  Albuquerque's program started with the same investment and has grown in just a few years to a $300,000 commitment. 
The jobs will be through the City Parks Department.  The program requires a non-profit partner, which will be the Salvation Army.  The partner is necessary as a pass-through for payment of the daily wage.  There was a discussion of the choice of the Salvation Army.  The SA is the partner agency in other cities that are successfully running this program. The details are being worked on now, the program will start small, maybe 8-10 people a day, and grow.  We believe we have a retail partner to provide lunch, water, etc. each day.
Here is a link to information and a video of the Albuquerque program:
The mayor will include information about this program in the State of the City speech on February 16.  You are all invited to attend. It's at 2 pm, in the Legislative Chamber here at City Hall, with a reception following here on the 3rd floor.  
The Executive Order establishing the committee requires we elect a Chair, Co-chair, and Secretary, so we need to do that at the next meeting.  It also requires the minutes be posted on the website.
Meeting Minutes March 29, 2018
Discussion about how to select the chair, co-chair, and secretary as required by the Executive Order.  
Several people are interested in these positions.
For Chair:
For Co-Chair:
Communications (Secretary)
The vote will be by Doodle Poll. Brandi will send that out tomorrow, Friday 4/6. Please respond by Friday 4/13.
We also discussed membership, meeting attendance and meeting dates.
Due to conflicts with his business, David Kerr has resigned from the board.
Meeting Schedule:
Meetings will be held monthly, Thursday afternoon remains the preferred time
Also discussed other options for meeting locations including the UNO Community Engagement Center, Omaha Public Library meeting rooms, and Highlander 75 North
Members must attend one meeting each quarter
Illness, medical appointments, family leave, business/professional travel or commitments will be considered excused absences
Please notify Carrie (and the chair) of a planned absence
Removal of a Member or Officer or Resignation
The resignation will require a letter of resignation to Carrie and committee Chair and Co-Chair
The next meeting is April 26 at 4:30 pm.
Meeting Minutes April 26, 2018

ATTENDING:  Sam Carwyn (Chair), Dominque Morgan (Co-Chair), Danielle Powell (Communications)  Dawaune Hayes, JohnCarl Denkovich, Ryan Fuller, Eli Rigatuso, Rachal Pender, Christina Arellano, Carrie Murphy, Brandi Preston

Avilisa Gallo attended the meeting as a potential new member.  (She later declined due to unexpected move from Omaha)

Ryan reported the permit application for Heartland Pride 2019 parade and route has been approved.  An announcement of the move back to Omaha will be made at the conclusion of the festival in June.

Discussion about addition and/or removal of members.  According to the Executive Order, the advisory group can make recommendations to the Mayor and Mayor will make final decisions

Carrie explained #BeKind campaign that will kick off in August, led by Ralston and Millard School superintendents

Discussion about the resource center

  • Needs assessment underway by a potential donor
  • The concern expressed about the needs and wants that have been identified to date
  • Has a decision already been made about what to do and how to do it?
  • Advisory group members would welcome an opportunity to be interviewed for the resource center


  • Locations
  • Services offered, incubation space for LGBTQ organizations
  • City financial support
  • Full-time paid staff/provide training to other organizations

Discussion about diverse membership

  • Youth representation
  • More identities
  • More communities of color
  • Immigrant communities