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In 2018, we created 38,793 requests for services based on your concerns and answered more than 16,000 calls and emails from citizens.  Every month, we will post the Hotline Report on this page.

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We value your comments, ideas and opinions and look forward to hearing from you. Please include your name in your email so we can provide a personal response. Unsigned emails may not be answered.

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Appointment Process:  Appointed by Mayor; Approved by Omaha City Council

Summary of Duties: Adopts by-laws of library for preservation and usefulness; impose penalties for trespassing/injury upon properties, damage to books and late returns.

Board Administrator: Kyle Porter

Board Members:

Keith Lutz (7/11/2017-6/30/2019)

Mikki Frost (7/11/2017 - 6/30/2019)

Caitlin Davis (7/1/2017 - 6/30/2020)

Michael Kennedy (7/1/2017 - 6/30/2020)

Carol Wang (7/1/2017 - 6/30/2020)

Cecilia Creighton (7/1/2018-6/30/2021) 

Adrian Suarez-Delgado (7/1/2018 - 6/30/2021)

Jesse Sullivan (7/1/2018 - 6/30/2021)

Keegan Korf (7/1/2019 - 6/30/2022)


Meeting Agenda and Minutes