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In August 2018, we created 2,949 requests for services based on your concerns.   Please call 402-444-5555 or email  Every month, we will post the Hotline Repo

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We value your comments, ideas and opinions and look forward to hearing from you. Please include your name in your email so we can provide a personal response. Unsigned emails may not be answered.

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Appointment Process: Appointed by Mayor; Approved by Omaha City Council.

Special Qualifications: One architect; one curator/director of an art or other museum; one professional artist or historian; three from the historical society, preservation, architectural, landscape, interior design, planning, or cultural association; two lay persons; one owner/operator of business or property within a landmark heritage preservation district, which business or property must be owned or operated by a corporation of which such member is a partner.

Summary of Duties: Preserves or enhances structures, districts, elements heritage, tourist attractions. The board also promotes use, encourages private ownership and utilization of structures.

Board Members:

Brian K. Magee, Sr., Business Owner (6/19/2015 - 6/18/2018)

Pence S. Regan, Architect/Planner Member (2/17/2017 - 2/16/2020)

Scott Dobbe, Layperson (10/16/2017 - 10/5/2020)

Carrie J. Meyer, Curator/Director of Museum (11/3/2017 - 11/2/2020)

Joan Fogarty, Interested Person from existing preservation group (11/5/2017 - 11/4/2020)

Kathryn R. Aultz, Interested Person/Historical Society (11/19/2017 - 11/18/2020)

Jaime Suarez Delgado, Layperson (5/4/2018-5/3/2021)

Curtis Witzenburg, Interested Party (12/11/2018-12/10/2021)

VACANT, Architect


Meeting Agendas and Minutes