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Mayor Jean Stothert | City of Omaha

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Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert will award grants to 26 Omaha neighborhood associations, for a total of $75,000.

The response to the 2014 Neighborhood Grants program exceeded previous years.  A total of 46 applications were received and considered.  “This response demonstrates the strength of our neighborhood associations and their willingness to work with the City on projects that we are proud of,” said Mayor Jean Stothert.

The grant requests were reviewed by a committee including community members, representatives of the Parks, Planning and Police Departments and the Mayor’s grants team.  Each proposal was judged based on how it will improve quality of live, the availability of matching or in-kind funds for the project and the overall budget.   The average grant awarded is $2,885.




Benson Community Garden        


Expansion of Neighborhood Garden


Benson Gardens Neighborhood Assn


Meeting & Outreach Signage Project


Benson Neighborhood Assn  


On Common Ground Project


City Sprouts


Student Summer Employment Prog


Country Club Hills Assn

$ 816              

Monument Sign & Rock Garden


Dahlman Park Neighborhood Assn                  


Park Revitalization Project


Deer Ridge Park Neighborhood Assn


Tennis Court Renovation


Elkhorn Station Main Street              


Old Towne Elkhorn Beautification


Escalante Hills Homeowners Assn


Hazel’s Trail and Tree Removal


Field Club Homeowners League                                              


Historic Street Lights Phase 3


Ford Birthsite Neighborhood


“You Are Here”**


Gifford Park Neighborhood Assn


Neighborhood Market                 


Hanscom Park Neighborhood    


“You Are Here”**


Leavenworth Neighborhood  Assn             


“You Are Here”**


Leawood West Homeowners  Assn


Commons Revitalization


Metcalfe-Harrison Neighborhood Assn 


Playground improvements


Midtown Neighborhood Assn


ReTree Midtown 2104


Miller Park-Minne Lusa Neighborhood Assn              


Fun in the Park event


Montclair West & Kingswood Neighborhood Assn


Neighborhood Green Park improvements


Old Market South Neighborhood Assn         


South 10th Street Historical Sign Project


Prairie Lane Neighborhood Assn        


Park Beautification Project 


Redick Avenue Neighborhood Assn  


CPR and Fire extinguisher training


Skylark/Cryer Neighborhood Assn


Neighborhood Green Space Improvements


Sunny Slope-Sunny View Neighborhood Assn  


Grills for Neighborhood Park


Westwood Heights Neighborhood Assn         


Citizen Patrol


Willow Wood Neighborhood Assn     


Park Landscaping


**Joint Public Art Project